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heYz everyone!!
Just a few things about me..
Name Cat...^^
Sex Female..LoL..pretty obvious lah
Bday 20/1/88
Interests Chatting, shopping, and checking out hot guys...

Anyway..this is the first time me and my friend has written anything, so please bear with us k??^^

My story One...Two...Three... has just recently been uploaded. For some reason, the title of my story shows up as OneTwoThree :| if anyone knows why or is able to help me, please PLEASE contact me and tell me!! I'll really appreciate it!! Right now it is so ugly... '''Thanks..!

Trust Me is written by Cathy and me...hehe...well actually mostly by Cathy, I just think of the ideas and do the editting..^^
"Trust Me" is fully revised and I'm now pumping out new (and I really do mean new) chapter now. Hooray for me. Took me long enough to get this done. :)

Also a new story!!!!!" A Defense Defect" --cathy's newest idea ~keep tuned!!

Oh kz...bai bai...^^

~... Cat ...~^^*

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