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Aharah Musici PM
Joined Sep '03
Hello this is Aharah. This has become a joint account. I will be the reviewer and Fav. Stories and Authors are mine. My friend Hell's Angel will be the one writting the stories. So howz it going? I am really bored, email me if you want me to review your stories! Also a plug in, her story is really good but i am the only one revieing her... she deserves reviews!
yup yup review or else! ^_^

Hell's Angel:
Hey everyone. Angel here. I'm sharing this account with my good friend Aharah. *hugs Aharah* Anyways the stories are all mine, and if you take them I will hunt you down. By the way I'm tight with the guy downstairs. *Evil Grin* Thanks everybody.
Don't forget read and review!...Or else. *Sadistic laugh* Oh by the way check out my fanfics at Fanfiction.net under Daggerpoint. I expect lots of reviews. *Grins*

Oh yeah Random Fact: you reveiw your self! I reviewed. *Grin*

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