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About me:

I'm a person attracted to skills. I like both heavy metal and classical music (love the piano). I have a love for European and Russian classics (the most memorable being 'the Picture of Dorian Gray'). I speak three (it's really two but I'll be generous) languages, Chinese, English and Japanese.

I like to play games a lot, but the one that has truly held my interest is Wei-qi. Please look it up or better yet, pick it up. There is nothing like it.

I'm a avid practitioner of Tai-chi. I'm lucky enough to have a qualified master that teaches combat applications of this ancient art.

About my writing:

I like to tell stories. No, not just a watered-down retelling of Shakespearean drama, but rather, something different.

My recent interest for non-fantasy story may distract me from my primary project somewhat, but, I'm in no hurry.

Big thanks to anyone who reads my stories, or better yet, give me criticisms to work on. I am constantly looking for attentive souls who are willing to help improve my writing.

If you would like me to review your writing, just drop a message and I'll try to get around to it.


Children of Ashes: two fanatical religions have bitterly contested the world for divine supremacy since the beginning of men. Zaile, afflicted by the Curse, belongs to a minority enslaved by both factions. In his quest to feed his brother and extended family, Zaile will encounter fiendish Freaks, callous criminal syndicates, cynical warlords, and mad deities.

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