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Joined Sep '03

Gender: Female

Age: 20s

Birthday: December 24, 1988

Occupation:College Student

Current Stories: none

Future Stories:

Dreams Forged From Blood - A tale of tears and tainted innocence.

Upon A Silver Moon- All my favorite fairytales warped into one.

Underground Mist- My own twist on what really happens on St. Patrick's Day.

Bleed Me Dry- Your typical (or maybe not so typical) story of teenaged models going through the hardships of life.

Seven A.K.- Ok we've a got maniacal detective genius, a defective female android, an exiled demon lord and his faithful servant, and then two eccentric, human teenagers. What's this a recipe for?



I don't like plagiarism. Look what those losers did to Myrika's stories. Well still no stories from me but who actullay reads this thing anyway...toodles.

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