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HIYA! My name is Izabela! Unfortunately for me, I am only a mere 17-year-old-to-be(soon)! That means I have nothing to do but plug up stories. Unfortunately for you I am not a great author... I am very fickle... I tend to have looong run-on sentences and I tend to lose track of what I am saying (Kind of like JD Salinger but without the amazing writing talent). As a high school student in New York, I have no job but my education. My best subject is Maths, but my favourites are French and, surprisingly, US HIstory and American Literature. I like to go clubbing and I like to play with the computer's mind (an evil sort of folly). Some of my favourite musical artists include Greenday, Breaking Benjamin, Yellowcard, and Linkin PArk. My favourite song of the moment is Should I stay or Should I go by the Clash, my all time favourite song is Welcome to Paradise by Greenday. My favourite movies are the Matrix Series and all the Pink Panther movies and Vanity Fair. Oh and how can I forget Bend It Like Beckham. I like to play some sports, such as football (soccer) and badminton, but I adore watching hockey and rugby! oh and college (american) football *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* I am currently applying for a volunteer position in Mt. Sinai Hospital of Queens... I hope I'm old enough for the ER!!! My favourite tv show is CSI:MIami & NY and Still STanding comes close as a second. My favourite books are the Harry Potter Series (no matter who says so, it is not a series for the youngsters, they just aren't ready), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Jane Eyre, Catcher in the Rye, and A Great and Terrible Beauty-- and Coma. My favourite author is Robin Cook, as of recent events. I sparsely write, so most of my "art" is essays! :DDDDDD
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