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Please allow me to give my thanks to all the writers here on Fictionpress.com that have helped me with my writing. Some special thanks go out to Shadow Gryphon, StarSword17, Nell Featherpen, Silver Gang Girl, etc. I'm afraid I cannot keep up with chapters now on Fictionpress, so I must say good bye. My stories will still be up and running, and please feel free to review them. I am not leaving forever, as of right now I am in close collaboration with another Fictionpress author by the name of Dead Faith. I have given him the rights to rewrite some of my seemingly popular stories, such as The Secrets of Fangora and The Third Day. Please check out his profile in the near future for reposts of the stories. Thank you again. If it was not for you guys, I would not be the writer I am today. Flourish, and keep that pen moving. Alareic

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