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Will Klemm PM
Joined Oct '03
I'm a 21 yr old guy who just feels like he's got to let out the emotions i feel on the paper for my poems. Sometimes that means love, or hate, or anger.
I read my poems at A Latte Books in Hobart, IN-reading there on Thursdays if they start on time.

Please check out a author from my area, Mr. Richard Dean at his website http://

And local musician, Jeremy Williams @ http://

If ya see me on AIM, holler.

Plus, check out my techno/electronica/industrial mp3s @http:///bands/3/klemmyandthegoombotmusic.

If you review my poetry, i promise to review yours.
Maybe even all of yours if i feel like it. Might take a while cuz i'm getting lazy. But i promise to get around to it.

And if you've noticed, I've posted at lot of poems in a short time. Most of these are just old ones I've written in the past couple years and dusted off for you people.

Would like to note that every one on my favorite author list is good. Varying levels of greatness and of subject manner.

For Favorite Authors here, plz look at my favorite Authors list but to go in some detail here's a little break down:

If you like original poems with some variety: LegendaryPunk29

If you like Christian poems/songs, emotional songs and some interesting stories: Chloe Carpenter

If you like romance stories that have some bit of the author's soul in them (though romance is rather cliched): Snug054

For songs that remind me of Nirvana and Hole
and far out stuff that i like because it's far out:
sweetheart cigarette.

If your like gothic poetry: the tempest-turn, Lilith Dastalour

Great romantic poetry- Christine Redman-Waldeyer

My good friend THE-FENIX writes some good hakius and is starting a story, the Summer of 7even that looks very promising and i am eagerly awaiting updates on it.

Another note: Publish America has accepted my poems for publication, so i will slowly being removing poems from this site to encourage purchase of the book. So you better print out or copy what you love now cuz i'm not putting them back up once they are removed. Plus the book versions are revised and expanded.

Soundtrack in Will's head: The Eels-The Medication Is Wearing Off.

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