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Once there was a girl, she wasn't quite beautiful and she wasn't quite grotesque. Some people would say that she was normal- her crowd would. And some people would say she was wrong inside. It didn't matter anyhow, she didn't quite belong to any world and so she always made up her own, trying to find a place where she fit...and writing a world where she could live.

Her first full work of fiction has now been put up on fictionpress, she anxiously awaits reviews to see how convincing she is- so maybe she can convince herself her world and characters exist."

Blood Dance...(Last updated 05/04/05)
is a novel that I am working on and hope to achieve publication with one day. Therefore as a reader you can expect smooth transitions and chapters with as few flaws as possible. (If I have any I usually just correct the copy on my siteas it is too painstaking to fix it in three locations). What this means is that because I am committed to making this the best possible work thatI can, it will not be updated as frequently as some because of the editing and writing processI have committed to.
Thank you for your input, patience and reviews. Feel free to leave a review or contact me on AOL messenger (though I have odd hours that I am on).

*Note on formatting: Fictionpress does not seem to be responding to stars or spaces well for some reason. So, read carefully as time and point of veiw shifts.The proper formatting is available on the Maddox Grey website along with some story extras, like character profiles.

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