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help needed. horrible trashy writing. need good reviews to tell me how much i suck and put me out of my little world of "OOH-I'M-A-BIG-ASS-WRITER" please. tell me how much i suck, i stand here to be shot in the head, ladies and gentlemen.

you can be honest, its okay, not like as if i haven't taken any shit before. sorry, my mood isn't great today. sigh... but seriously tho, i need more critics, then when they come find my stupid body during the news, they can say during my funeral (if they even bother to fucking have one)

"oh, she died because those people on fictionpress.com told her she sucks" and i can blame it all on you when i reach hell. (apparently suicides go to hell) then again

there is no hell.
there is no heaven.

unless you've fucked a bull in the behind before, then i guess you know what hell's like when he turns around and shoves his horns up your.. uhh.. delicate anatomy. oh well, then. happy shooting.

i am your punching bag.
had a bad day?
free load.
i am here to be pushed to the edge.
i will thank you and write all your names in the book of LUCIFER.


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