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I love to write stories. I enjoy reading them as well. I have read numerous interesting stories from fiction press and I have loved each one of them! Please read my stories and write a review if you like them.

I also love to read poetry and all that other mushy stuff. I'm such a huge sucker for romance and lovey-dovey stuff. I haven't had my share of luck with romance, so you know, I live off of romance novels!

I also love fantasy adventure stories. I am so in love with Lord of The Rings, and I just adore things about the middle ages and Medeveal days! The whole prince charming thing is ...my thing! I love the damsel in distress situations, and i like the whole knight on a white horse thing too!

I adore humor as well. I enjoy stories with a large touch of perspective humor. It keeps things interesting in a story. I may not be too good at adding humor in my stories but every once and a while i'll slide it in!

I do like alot of modern stories as well. I enjoy reading a variety of stories, poetry and other works.

You could say I am a diverse person!

I really hope you read my stories. Well thanks for reading, see ya!

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