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I'm a student and an artist.
I am studying at a university, and I'm heading to China in the spring for an exchange. (I figured, fuck, I've been all over europe...even lived in some places...why not try asia for a change?)

Here is what you need to know when looking through my stories:

A majority of this work is from when I was in High School.
Meaning, stories like If it was you, and Dry asphalt will have errors. They will not flow as easily. They can still be interesting reads though...but bare in mind that I've changed a lot since then.

My best piece is Second Sight.
I just feel that it was deeply personal.
I haven't updated it because I'm stumped...It was strange because it poured out of me and yet it paralleled my life very well. I ended up meeting the man at the end of the second chapter, but now that he is so close to me I don't know how to look at things objectively enough to write about it anymore.

The last two stories are just things...one I wrote for class and my teacher was in love with it, so I figured...why not just post for your entertainment?
The other one...I wrote while feeling incredibly paranoid in my dark apartment one night. I want to do something with it, breathe life into it and make it something substantial but I am not sure how to yet.
So if you see anything in that, anything you'd like to see...
let me know.

If you'd like me to go back to any of the stories from 2004 and edit them and add to them...let me know as well. I'm open to that.

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