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OK so...this is my bio. (NO WAY REALLY!!)

Im kinda this skater/prep/loser combo. If ne of u

ppls got a problem with

it... deal. I have plenty of friends...currently no boy friend. I go to

C-ville High and I'm a freshman and 15. My dad is a teach. at my school so in

my stories if there is a father figure and he dies then Im mad at my father.

Name: your no special enough to know! e-mail me if u really wanna know, only if your gonna die if you don't know(don't tell me cuz I might like to be the cause of someones death
Nicknames: Klue (don't ask)and bitch(again don't ask, but it is self explanatory, if you do need to ask then you have problems.)
Age: 15 or am I?
Height: 5'5
Weight: and WHY would I tell you?
Hair: brown, with blond highlights.
Eyes: pale blue, red, yellow and flakes of black no joke!!!
Likes: soccer, sk8ing, autocross, boys and animals
Dislikes: slow computers, Idiots, Stupid people, my brother, my father(most of the time)
Saying: No one dies a virgin cuz life screws us all.
Im hyper like all the time and I have

a dog. Wow... I have a

dog... like u ppl care. Im a very sarcastic person

and most of my stories are

short. So...ya. Now I have decided to post some of

my poems. I am

currently not a very happy person so...ya. That is

my excuse.

"You know what you have to do when life gets you

down...just keep swiming just keep swiming swiming


ok well umm... END

I got this e-mail from an unknown person *cough dad

cough cough*

Homeo and Jewelay
Getting down in tha hood
Dog got moves
She got booty
But dey got capped inna crib Don't ask. really don't ask I have no anwser

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