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I am the normalest person that you could ever meet --OH MY GOD, A CHICKEN HAS ESCAPED FROM THE INSIDE OF MY RADIO AND FLEW TO FREEDOM-- . there is no one more normal than me --me: mom hurry up with your makeup, i need to take a shower. mom: no damnit i need to finish up my makeup, you take more time than a fucking teenage girl in the shower! me: ok so in like ten minutes? mom: leave me the hell alone. me: sorry--
those of you who know me will know that i have a 'normal' account on here. BUT DONT GIVE IT AWAY!
my life goals are to shave osama bin laden and stick a knife up his ass.
lets see what else should i say in here--MY GOD I'M BLIND! DAMN COMPUTER BLINDED ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME. oh its just my eyelids closed. never mind all i've said and have a happy life without me wreaking it and -master our friend. you dont have any friends, nobody likes you. not listening!--go away and never come back!
you bitch you're still here. get away. go away now. -omigod there is a buzzing bee flying around in circles around my head. .smack. kick ass i got it. rot in hell little creauture.--so anyway i shall see the screen of this bio again sometime.
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