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What can I say other then I am the disturbed and whimsical creator of various literature, doodles, LEGO creations, and outright fantastic matters of farce. My latest creation, Extra Credit, is proving to me my most intricate and well developed piece of work to date, as I am spawning various illustrations from the story, as well as sheets of character designs, various clothing concepts, and a rather large project of constructing an 18" fully posable Bob to help some visualize his uniquenesses. I do so love all the work this project has given me!

Updates: So I have been a killer lamenut since the posting of chapter six of Extra Credit. My bad. Flog me if you're angry. In any case I am about half done with chapter seven, after which time I will get my act together and begin a sequence for posting regularly again as Lesson Two: Something In A Name will begin. Keep in the loop if you are enjoying it!

Extra credit: 6/7 chapters posted for the first Lesson. Keep in mind that within my story a Lesson is but a section of the book, and there is so much more to come! The funny and truely unusual aspects of all the various characters will not really let loose until Lesson Two begins. For all those going "what is he talking about" just keep this in mind while you read. Enjoy.

Alvika: Currently on Hiatus, but in the process of being reworked and revamped into a more correctly portrayed image of what I had intended. Probably several months from reposting, however I will keep you posted.

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