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Thank to everyone for the reviews and continuing support, as a writer (or wannabe-writer), there is nothing better than knowing that there are people out there enjoying your work. = D

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Current progress: Words of shame really lose all meaning when it comes to how bad I feel now (and yes, righteously so). I'm so so so utterly sorry... I don't even know what to say now... Except to say that no! I haven't give up on this story, I never will! But making up a completely different ending is harder than I had expected. Again, there are some personal problems in my life so it's quite hard to concentrate on anything else much. I've also been dragged into so many fandoms over the past year and spent a lot of efforts in fanfictions rather than original fictions (partly because it's easier to write one-shots for). However I do know that I really ought to get off my arse and bury my head in this story , as there is a section I really, really - desperately - wish to write up; but without an appropriate ending decided, that is so far impossible.

Re-reading the story now, the prose in the (especially earlier) chapters are so abysmally bad that I cannot remember the number of times I have cringed and twitched like a zombie in my chair. As a - doubtlessly poor - plea for even an ounce of forgiveness, I will try to re-edit as many chapters as possible, and incorporate some of the ideas which I had previously forgotten or not planned to happen. Although, knowing myself as well (or should be as well) as I do, this will likely take forever and again, a measly sorry is really all I can offer... =(

Thank you all so much for the continuous support, and I'm so sorry and so happy that any of you enjoy the story as much as you do. I do not deserve it as an author... but it still makes me smile, truly!

As of 26.03.08, I have edited Chapter 3, and will continue to edit 4 and onwards as carefully as I can. I need to sort out too much stuff to edit Chapter 1 & 2, and there's also the title... -sigh-

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