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I am 18, and I live in Canada. I have written poems for a couple of years now, but I have just started keeping the ones I write, sharing them publicly(is that how you spell it?), and keeping a notebook full of them(its almost like a journal, except, I dont say "Dear Journal,", I instead write a poem about how I am feeling at the time.) I love to write poems, and as you can see, I have written a couple of them. The only way that I am able to think that my poems are any good, is write them, leave them for a couple of weeks, and reread them. If I like what I read, then I will put them up on here. I have tried to write stories, but I dont think I am very good at them. Music is my life, and poetry seems to fit in with that category! Anyway, I will keep trying to put more poems online. Please review!

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