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Hey People my name is Terry and i live in the Carribean it's nice and sometime to hot but the sights are unmatched in my opinion.

what can i say i'm into greek mthology big time so hence the Name apollo god of the sun and poetry i'm abstract meaning i like fantasy and science fiction alot but i'm grounded and anyone who knows me can tell you that. well sort of i can be off the walls at itmes i'm quiet when needed but i can be very vocal at times other than that i can't say more i like to write so i hope you enjoy my stuff. and be warned when you enter my stuff 90 of the time your transported to my world "EVERWORLD" now lets see i have to give props to cryptist, archnaphobia, yami-bubbles,americus,puritinism and sweet steffie, angelblaze12086, angry fairy, master mind 4, romantic chic and all the other writers i have on my favoritte auther list . i'll give a qoute to you all "live like you give a damn" "die with no worry in mind" most of my stuff seems depressing i know, i'll get around to some happy stuff ok and to those authors that i havn't reviewed but you know i read your stuff sorry about that ok i'll review i promise. and thenks for the reviews ppl it makes me better,

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