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Miss Meticulous
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Hi everybody! I happen to be a seventeen year old writer stuck out in the boring suburbs of my mind, however I tend to enjoy vacations from my mind and travel off to far off lands and seek excitement and dreams... that's my story. Kinda boring... huh? Well, hopefully my stuff doesn't follow that same pattern.

I used to be Writer-who-also-loves-to-sing, but I decided to change it to Miss Meticulous

If you want to contact me about my writing... and only my writing. (No personal info will be given) Feel free to email me at this address:

Hello again- Sorry for the pathetic lack of updates for the past few weeks... my teachers have all gone insane...(sorta) and life...well, life is life. Really Busy. It is very rare that I get a moment to myself. But when I do, I tend to write. Another reason it took so long is because I was having trouble figuring out how to say what I wanted to say. I figured it out now... so I updated!!!!!! Yay! Updates should be getting more frequent again.

My favorite saying(s) at the moment is/are:

"Our strength is often composed of the weakness we're damned if we're going to show."

- Mignon McLaughlin


"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."


"Whoever said anything is possible, should try nailing Jell-O to a tree."


"Dans chaque fin, il y a un début."


"It's better to light one candle in the world than to wring your hands and curse darkness."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

not to mention--

"Courage is about being scared to death--but saddling up anyway."

- John Wayne

Right now I am writing on and listening to music, when I should be doing my French homework...
Ex) Combien de soeurs est-ce que tu as?
Qu'est-ce que tu cherches?
Now... how do I tell my french teacher that i have already learned this? That I have known the french words for family members, (a.k.a. sister, brother, mother, father) Since I was in third grade?

Color: Aquamarine
Singer: None really, but right now I really like Josh Groban and Simple Plan. My sister is really good too. I tend to like anyone I can sing along with.
Fav song to sing: Yes, I sing. . . I really like to sing "How Could I Ever Know" from the Secret Garden or "Home" from Beauty and the Beast. Also... "Habanera" from Carmen... (geez, nevermind, I really can't choose a fav.) Eeeeh!!! One more, that I absolutely love, I love singing along to the music of The Phantom of the Opera I love being a soprano and singing the part of Christine, beautiful music, I tell you.
Subject: Uhhh...if I had to pick, possibly Literature... I also kinda like math, mostly because I am good at it. (Most of the time. . . sigma and standard deviations tend to give me a slight headache at times :):-)
Least Fav class: Advanced Placement Environmental Science, why the hell did I sign up for this stupid class?

Random Fact About me: I am trying my hand at writing songs-- unsucessfully as of now. *grins*

My Stories!!!

*It's Complicated*

The longest story i have ever written, I have posted hardly any of it, on my computer it is 150 something pages. I started this story almost a year ago, then I got inspiration for another story, so now this is my writers block story, I work on it when I have writers block on my other stories. My first story, and one I have learned a lot from.

*Summary of It’s Complicated*
Saving the world... Protecting the country... Combat training... Espionage... Running off in a plane at One O’clock A.M. to capture an alleged terrorist. And still have time to fall in love… It’s all part of my everyday life. I am Kalyia Maddon, I am sixteen years old, and I work for the CIA.
At this, Kalyia’s life seems like an action adventure movie. Where everything is action packed, and filled with suspense, yet in the end it all ends up all right. Here is the truth, Kalyia’s life is far from perfect, and she still has a lot to learn about life, love, and how to truly live.
Here is Kalyia’s journal, mixed with excerpts from others. In this fiction you are presented with the story about a girl who has always had everything planned and accounted for, this story is about discovering that nothing—including yourself is what/who you originally thought.

*Birth Right*

What to say about this story...? I started it because I had writers block on 'A Secret' and then, well, liked it, and then my friend got a hold of it and demanded I posted it. I believe it is written quite well, or at least better than some of my other stories.

*A summary of Birth Right*
Within a hidden world, lies a forgotten land. A place where magic is real, and mystery cloaks every corner. Alaina Cassara Avariella Schaverell is what normal girls dream of being, what woman and young children dress up as on Halloween, people would kill to be in her shoes—literally. Yet all she can think of is ditching her latest suitor, and fighting her obligations.
Enter the world of Aercryption, where Alaina begins to fight what is expected of her, and decides to follow her dreams despite objections. Causing her to discover more than she could ever imagine, and leads her on the adventure of a lifetime….

*Sent From the Heavens*

Kaydence Lirit is a teenage girl who loves to sing. One day through an awkward coincidence at a local Dairy Shack, she is discovered by one of the most successful recording artists of the year and his questionable manager. Literally overnight she's handed all of her dreams on a silver platter, and thrown into the vicious hollywood way of life. Within two hours of her debut, her face is plastered across newspapers and magazines questioning who she is and where she came from. Her first single enters the chart at number one, Sent From the Heavens, it's called, a duet with the guy who discovered her... The guy who's becoming her best friend and possibly more. Not to mention she's still enrolled in highschool, and that no one beside her parents know that she's the newest music sensation. A recipe for disaster? Yes... I believe so.

Thank You
For bearing with me, and reading that… if you still are? Nevermind… maybe one of those extended summaries got you interested in one of the stories… and maybe not, if so, read on!

~Miss Meticulous~

P.S.!!!! Guess what I just found out... my sister has an account here, and she neglected to inform me of so... (BTW- she writes really good songs and poems... she just refuses to put them up... so... help me encourage her to. Lol.) Her Pen name: Singin4eva99

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