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D.E. is still off, I'm working on it.
Yours fuzzily,

Sorry my novel was a mishmash of chapterishness before. Now, it is UPDATED, and as one of my editors mentioned, it no longer stops in the midlle of a sentence. Instead, there's a big honking CLIFFY!!!! Wahoo!!!
Anyhow, I'll probably only write two more chapters, wait, and then take it off and try to get it published. Sorry. Yeah, review!!! Thanks to Zarinel, Harla, Sammi, Lara, Suz, Randir, Ariella, Elyse, Aliera, and all others who have supported me.

Yours Vampirically,
Lia Saluvril Nailo

Oh yes, and I had no part in that novel. Thank you. -Randir

P.S. Get to our fanfiction account here:

Sammi - much appreciation
Oraboy - dude, thanks a lot!
Harla - Make Will move out of your account.
Will - move out of harla's account and come back to reality.
Randir - hi

(all by Lia)

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