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hey everybody!!! im 14 years old and well a girl! i live in canada in a small town. hmmm... i speak french?! well yes i do. im in grade 9 and so im in highschool. i have 2 older sisters who are great and my parents are split up. oh boo hoo. no who cares!! umm.. i love harry potter. hes so great! hermiones awesome and rons cool too but i hate it when he's a jerk. my fave fics are lily and james ones! they are the best. james seems so hot. and i love the twins! they are so cool!! i have like no idea what to write on this stupid thing. umm my fave authors are *Sleeping~Beauty* , Tropical Fishy, saralea and Someone the First. they are all so great! well this was fun... if u wanna write to me do it! i love pen pals! talk to u later!!
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