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Hey people, Veronica Garcia is the name.

I live in California, i'm 16 years old, about 5 foot seven, i live with my mom, and my two sisters, oh and my little dog Poncho.

I like to listen to any kind of rock(Linkin park, evanescence, the all american rejects, Godsmack etc.) and techno, seems like a weird combination but i like em'. I also like to work out alot, either at the gym or in sports.(soccer)

I'll probably be sticking to the romance section considering i'm head over heels in love him my boyfriend right now. I have never seen a guy hotter than Brian Henderson in my life (well maybe i have) but he is hhhhhhhhhhhhot. oow baby oow baby! LOL

Here's a clear list of who i am:

Name: Veronica Garcia
Age: 16
Weight: around 120 pounds
Height: about 5 feet 7 inches
Hair: Sraight, light brown
Eyes: Hazel *gasps* yes a mexican with pretty eyes ( thank you mom )
Ethnicity: Mexican "hola amigos, si hablo Espanol!" LOL
Favorite food: Italian
Favorite type of Music: Rock
2nd fav type of Music: Techno
Mother: Carla Garcia
Father: Georgio Garcia
Sister: Isabella Garcia (older)
Other sister: Kathy Garcia (older too)
Boyfriend: Brian Henderson
Pet: Poncho
Favorite Tv show: Reno 911(i know, it's retarded)
Favorite Band: Evanescence
Best Friend: Kristy Garrison (coolest person i know)
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite thing to do: Draw and write and go to the gym
Favorite Color(s): Silver nad black
Thing i hate the most: People that think they know me, and talk on shit on me
Favorite type of stories: For now... Yaoi (gotta love those guys) i should know i have a gay friend.
Favorite drink: Sierra mist

Well thats all i gotta say, have you already noticed my life is boring? LOL. All who agree ... screw you in the ass.

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