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Imust apologise firstly, to those of you who loved my two stories, "is love enough" and "He loves me, he loves me not", and to those of you who didn;t love it as much lol. writing them was..an experience! and reading through them again i realsie that i have grown so much as a person and a writer since writing them. i have to say, as one last point about them, that despite how everyone says that blaise can't honestly have trusted those girls, its hard ot judge till you've been through it. thats all i'll say, because i can understand where you critics are coming from, but i also remember how it was.

I want to give a huge huge huge thank yo to all those of you who stuck with it, i love you guys. you rock!!

Please please keep checking back for updates, and email me any comments at all!!! I love LOVE to hear from you, y'hear!


this is my new story. it is set in ancient times, but i'm afraid some of the details may not be quite right, i've tried my best tor esearch it, but i wanted it to be a story, more than a history book, so if there is anything horribly, please elt me know but otherwise it should be ok.

The story is about a girl, caught during a volcanic eruption (like pompeii though details are different) and she is trying desperately to find people she knows and love, but then she is forced to seek refuge in an old building with others. she doesn't know how long they'll be there, and tensions are running high, what will happen...please read an review I really appreciate any comments, good or bad :-P

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