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Hi y'all! I'm Desert Wrath! I will try to update my stories once every week or two. Well, lets see...Here's a list of the stories/poetry I'm working on, along with their status.

Story Status:
~Secluded Darkness--Complete--Final Chapter is up--This is my first story! It's finally done, too! The ending is kind of angsty.~
~Mysterious Death--Incomplete--CHAPTER 4 IS UP--I decided to write a mystery story this time! It's about a ten year old boy who has an acting career and is mysteriously murdered!~

Poetry Status:
~The Sun's Shine--Complete--This is my first haiku!~
~Clouds' Arrival--Complete--Another haiku!~
~The Leaves--Complete--My favorite haiku!~
~Night--Complete--One of my favorite poems!~
~The Seed and the Tree--Complete--Just something I wrote while at school.~
~Holidays--Complete--A poem I wrote during December.~
~Deception--Complete--One of my best poems by far!~
~Dogs--Complete--A short poem about dogs.~
~Fly High--Complete--This is a limerick I wrote.~
~From Holidays to School--Complete--The differences between the holidays and school.~
~Insects--Complete--This is a poem on flies.~
~Technology--Complete--This is a poem on computers.~
~Fading Light--Complete--A depressing poem with implied suicidal themes.~

I just realized something about my profile. It doesn't say anything about me. For anyone who cares, I'll go ahead and tell you a little about myself.

Gender: Male
Favorite Band: Linkin Park / Evanescence
Favorite Song: In The End (Linkin Park) / Tourniquet (Evanescence) / Whisper (Evanescence)
Favorite Album: Meteora (Linkin Park) / Fallen (Evanescence)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Subject: Algebra I Honors

Well that's all you get to know about me. If you wanted to know more, too bad! By the way, I write at fanfiction.net. My name is Desert Wrath there, too. Thanks for taking time to read my pointless profile :D

~*~ Profile last updated 4/10/04 ~*~

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