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Lots of unfinished stories here...

Ok here we go:
Favorite Movies: Dirty Dancing*Fight Club*The Breakfast Club*Benny&Joon*Cruel Intentions*Pirates of the Caribbean*Splendor In The Grass*High Fidelity*Dead Poets' Society*Clueless*Save The Last Dance*Here On Earth*Wuthering Heights*Love Actually*Thirteen*Chuck&Buck*Chocolat*What's Eating Gilbert Grape?*Titanic*This Boy's Life*A Nightmare on Elm Street*The Others*The Shining*Spiderman*Footloose*Flashdance*Sixteen Candles*Ferris Bueller's Day Off*Bridget Jones' Diary*Moulin Rouge*The Rocky Horror Picture Show*Say Anything*Beaches*The Mask of Zorro* wowzer...well there are still more...lol
Favorite Books: *Goodbye Glamour Girl*The Secret Life of Bees*The Perks of Being a Wallflower*Wuthering Heights*The Wind Blows Backward*Someone Like You*Jane Eyre*Define Normal*The Dim Sum of All Things*Fight Club*The Age of Innocence*Summer of My German Soldier*Dreamland*Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry*To Kill a Mockingbird*Death Be Not Proud* I looooove reading all kinds of books, honestly, even the ones that can appear "trashy" do have substance. Or so I think. Ok anyway
Favorite Music: *Matchbox 20*Nine Inch Nails*No Doubt*Black Eyed Peas*The White Stripes*The Distillers*Nirvana*Smashing Pumpkins*The Who*Evanescence*Alanis Morissette*Natalie Imbruglia*Dave Matthews Band*Eminem*Melissa Etheridge*Bon Jovi*Beyonce*Sean Paul*Linkin Park*Fountains of Wayne*OutKast*U2*Britney Spears(some of her stuff is pretty intriguing)*The Donnas*Michelle Branch*Prince*Michael Jackson* ...and more!
i'll update this soon! i love to write and i would really appreciate reviews. thanks!

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