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Hey my name is Callie, I'm 19 and I love to write. I live in Northern Minnesota and despite the stupid and unpredictable weather I love it here. It gives me a wide scope of activities to do. In the summer I water ski (on one ski and two) and wakeboard, I also go for wild rides on my ATV. I used to play softball but I had to give it up for dance which I now do year round. I love to dance, almost as much as I love to write. For me dance is like telling a story through movement, so I guess I can see why I like it and writing. In the winter I downhill ski, snowmobile, and go skating with my friends. I love to travel, I've almost been to all 50 US states and I've been to Spain. I also love to drive my red Pontiac Sunfire. I love to hang with my friends and we have some pretty crazy and wild times whether it be in or out. An interesting thing about me, I love romance, I gobble it up when I'm reading, and I can write some pretty good romantic scenes, but I've never had a boyfriend.

I'm addicted to: shoes , clothes, Damien Rice, jewelry, romance, boys, Vertical Horizon, texting, choirs, Spain, OneRepublic, mansions, football, Josh Groban, history, action, parties, Narnia, Coldplay, hockey, The Guardian, dance, Snow Patrol, talking, Spanish, Lifehouse, Dirty Dancing, grinding, NASCAR, my iPod, Gomez, nail polish, night games, Michael Buble, dancing in my underwear, Starbucks, baseball, Kate Havnevik, gum, dances, Switchfoot, cell phones, sunglasses, Rascal Flatts, cookies and creme candy bars, the internet, anything shiny, perfume, Five for Fighting, purses, slippers.

Contact Me: If you ever want to talk, here I am! I love getting e-mails and chatting it up.
Email: hottauthoress@
AIM: MissCallieRo

Story Stats:

Sunrise: work in progress. Not posted, but most likely will be.

A Shred of Hope: Not my first story, but the first I ever put up on this site...I think...wrote it in the second semester of seventh grade and stopped writing it the summer following. I haven't looked at it for over a year, and I consider it to be very immature and if I must say, my writing style has greatly improved from that point in time. I suggest you look for my new work, which I will most likely be posting in a month, or at least I hope a month.

Stories to Come:

The Reign of Aces A Trilogy (Action-Adventure, Drama, Humor, Romance)

1. Sunrise: Anna Torrin had always known what she wanted in life. And that had been one thing: Ace Corps. For four years she has lived the life of an action hero, always training and working hard to save the day. Everything had always been clear for her, but now as the Corps enters it’s hardest season yet, the lines begin to blur. As Anna catches a glimpse of the other life, a normal life, everything that was once cemented in stone comes crashing down and she begins to question: Does she really want to be the hero in a dangerous dance with an unknown enemy? Or does she want freedom from a life of pain and long cold nights? She never thought she’d have this choice to make, but after this year nothing will ever be the same.(First Person: Anna)

2. Break

3. Bleed

Warlords and Street Lights Two Part Stand Alone (Drama, Romance, Action-Adventure, Humor)

No one ever thought the world would turn out this way. No one ever thought the world as they knew it would vanish before their very eyes. No one knew the true capabilities of man. 50 years after the fifth world war, the hostilities between lands still remain. The ancient roots have all been abandoned, the world before the wars exists no more. Instead the free land has been seized by ruthless men who will stop at nothing to build an Empire like the Roman's once had. These men are the Warlords, mighty men who seek to rule the West.
Breana Evarion has always understood that war was more important to her father that she herself. She is just a pawn in his great game of war, a piece he can move and order around all he wants. Anything for the benefit of her lord. But slowly, as all his plans unfold and fall apart before their very eyes, a new figure of power comes into play. Breana must make a choice between her family and her life, ultimately losing herself to the world of Warlords.
Dustin McKinnen's life was anything but normal. From his first breath, he was raised to become a powerful Warlord, cunning and ruthless in the art of war. But off the battlefield he's his own man, which is why, when pressured into an arranged marriage, he does everything possible to escape it. The one thing that sets him free of the contract is the one thing he never imagined. Faced with a new challenge, he is forced to finally become the man his father wanted him to be. But with that man comes a price he never knew existed.
Two people caught up in the ever changing Western world, lost in the tides of war, with only street lights to guide them. Can they survive this ordeal, or will they fall victims to the very ideas that have dominated their entire way of life? (First Person: Breana and Dustin)


"You're a card, Anna"
"Does that make me the queen, then?" - From Sunrise

"Most things in life we shuffle through and file it away with papers, promising to look at them on a later date. But that date never comes and we never know what we missed. Then one day we are surprised when it falls in our lap and suddenly demands to be dealt with." - FromWarlords and Street Lights

“My brain's fried. F-R-I-D.” - Me after several hours of dance and cramming three different routines into my head.

"Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile."- Anonymous

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