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I thought it was time to change my profile to let you know a little about me.

Name: Sandra
Age: I turned 20 on May 22, 2002, which would make me a Gemini. :)
Height: 5'2 1/2" (yes I'm half an inch away from 5'3")
Favorite singers: Nina Simone, Pink, Amanda Marshall, Michelle Branch.
Favorite groups: Garbage, Green Day, Savage Garden, U2.
Favorite movies: Empire Strikes back, Moulin Rouge, A.I., Cyrano Debergerac, Interview with a Vampire, Some like it hot, Labyrinth, Casablanca.
Favorite books: The Queen of the Damned (the movie sucked!), The Coffin Dancer (sequel to The Bone Collector), A Woman of Substance, The Clan of the Cave Bear, and Stephen King's IT.
Favorite anime: Gundam Wing, Card Captors, Weiss Kruez, Night Walker, Vampire Princess Miyu...and the list goes on and on. Long live Serial Experiments Lain!
Favorite actresses: Liv Tyler, Ashley Judd, and Julia Roberts.
Favorite actors: Elijah Wood, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis.
Favorite color: Blue
Weaknesses: Fantasy stuff, Dragons, Gargoyles, those purple silver roses (don't know the name), and sappy romance novels/movies

If you have the means I recomend downloading Amanda Marshall's song Beautiful Goodbye. It's great for those of us with the hopeless romantic syndrome.

I live in a suburb of New York. I don't enjoy fics that make fun of what happened on September 11th. If I find one, I'll report it, and flame the hell out of you.

ALL unsigned flames will be removed. Signed flames, providing they are tasteful, will be read, respected and left in place. Apparently, people didn't seem to understand this, especially a person that called themself "me" and said my poem "The Invisible" sucked ass. Sorry moron, but uless you have the guts to leave your e-mail, you aren't worth my time.

Thanks for reading my stuff, remember to review. And hey, no random ims please, I hate it when people do that!

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