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The best words to describe me are loving (almost to the point of a romanticist), with the tinge of primal urge and want (as any other human). I consider myself an all around artist (My opinion on everything is that anything I see is art or can be thrown and mended into an art form). My main interests in art are mainly British based (British Blues, English Renaissance, Romantic Age, poetry and art). But I also like American art, (writings, art) from the Beat Generation. At this point I'm a fledling to most of these subjects but i'm working on knowing a substantial amount of all of these things. My favorite things i've been paying close attention to are English sonnets, T.S Eliot, Tennesee Williams, the background of Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker) and learning Jack Bruce's bass lines, how to play blues bass and creating new ways of using the bass (even in an almost classical form or medievel music), reading poetry by Jim Morrison, Allen Ginsberg, etc., and observing the ways my mind thinks and how people interact with each other to use in my poetry and art. Well I hope this has helped you in understanding me.

One more thing. I'm a very sympathetic critic but with a tinge of just trying to help with it, so don't take anything personal.

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