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1) An engraving, drawing, photograph, or the like, shading off gradually at the edges; a design without a borderline.

2) Decorative work representing meandering branches, leaves, or tendrils, as in architecture or in manuscripts.

3) Any small, pleasing picture or view.

4) A small, graceful literary sketch.

"Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean."

Hello hello to the world of fictionpress... I'm making some changes to my account. I think that my writing has changed a lot and hopefully improved since I first started, and I want to try and make a real go of it now. All but a few of my stories will be staying here on this account. The ones that I feel represent where I'm at now (specifically 'Flying and Falling' and 'The Red Piano', but possibly more), will be moving over to my new account (pen name will still be 'Silver Dolphin'). This account will now be the archive for my older stuff and will probably get lost and eventually deleted in the big bad world of fictionpress inactive accounts.

So look out for some new stuff coming from me over the next few months - we'll see what happens...

Feel free to email me: cosette_is_cool@

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