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Books everyone should read...

Vincalis the Agitator, Holly Lisle
The Carpet Makers, Andreas Eschbach
Sister Light, Sister Dark, Jane Yolen
The Night Watch, Terry Pratchet
Sharpe's Tiger (and the others), Bernard Cornwell
Watership Down, Richard Adams.

Online Thingamabobs:

One of my favourite Limyaael rants.

Alida from The Children of the Wilds, as drawn by Teshgirl

Cool, not-scary vampire game, in the words of one of the players.

Fight cancers of all kinds. Support Nestalgica's plan.

Story Stats:
(This is more or less the rest of the page. If you want a better idea of what to read, this is the part for you. Otherwise, feel free to skip this part!)

Wild Stories

My current project, mainly in the period of CoTW, but with bits of history filled in

The Children of the Wilds
Seventeen chapters. Last updated March 24, 2007.
The Wilds, a well-named place, kingless, vicious, and populated by creatures elsewhere thought of only as myth. But as a new power rises in the kingdom of Gosli, the Wilds might be the only place that can stand the threat -- if they can stand together for a change. And a not-prince who might really be a prince, a Daughter who only has a sketchy idea of her heritage, a vyrae searching for her lost 'walker and a few others who weren't always part of the Wilds are determined to make sure things work out for them.

Into the Skies
Six chapters. Begun December 2, 2005, completed December 24, 2005.
The extended version of the story in chapter 3 of The Children of the Wilds.
Unusual for me for three reasons: It's a challenge, which I've never done before; I wrote the entire thing with a pairing in mind and, finally, I do believe that I wrote four of the chapters between eleven and three in the morning in one night.
Lady Rahima of Marae needs an heir, and needs one badly. So when she discovers her cousin is pregnant, she drags her halfway across the country in order to pull of the deception necessary to announce the child as her own... and finds herself pushed towards a place in history that she never would have dreamed of...

Unposted but possibly upcoming:
Fiacra's Children: When the Wilds were young, a girl dreamed... and a war that would shape the world in the millenia it lasted began.
At World's End: Ebrelle was determined to escape the Lone Guard's oath, even if it meant going to World's End. Which would have been convenient for anyone else, but the Lone Guard have enemies who only want one sort of peace for them...

The Raven Cycle

To be perfectly honest, my favourite bit of writing. Undergoing major revisions, which instantly gives pinball a siren allure, but I'll get around to finishing it.

The Ravens
Twenty chapters. Begun November 21, 2004, completed May 15, 2005.
Teen for violence, language and mentions of rape
Chayda was a Changer who couldn't Change, and the newest member of the legendary Raven Squadron. Ayinchirr was an unusual country on the brink of civil war, ruled by Blood mages, supervised by Song Priests and patrolled by groups called Shadow Courts. And of course, the Ravens have a new job... in Ayinchirr.

Revisions begun July 11, 2006
Upon the death of his beloved Queen, Sinharan is back in Ayinchirr after fifteen years of mostly self-imposed exile. But now he's back with the support of the Ravens and Dragons. And without the Queen who exiled him to keep him in check, there is very little to prevent his plan from succeeding. Which begs the question: Does anyone besides Sinharan know just what that plan is?

Unposted but possibly upcoming:

The Dragons: The tale of Alyx Sammerin, founder of the Dragons, and the man who held a small country against the Hal Draketh Empire... for four years.
The Fox: André of Fox has since taken over leadership of the Ravens, and while he's never expected it to be easy, he didn't know it would be this hard... although that might be because the Hunter has recalled his favour.

The Guardian stories (chronological order)

Much older than the rest of the stuff here. Not my best, but still the first stuff I ever finished.

Eleven chapters. Begun February 13, 2004, completed March 7, 2004.
A legendary assassin, a vengeful trayve'lair caid and a shy orphan come together. And as the mythics gather to fend off the rising opposition to their kind, six young Guardians must put together their talents - to save their people, to save their races... to save their world. But there is another who doesn't want to see them succeed.

The Fate’s Chosen Series:

Fate's Winds:
Twenty-nine chapters. Begun January 28, 2004, completed August 6, 2004.
My first fictionpress story – the unorthodox tale of a gossip Chain, camp, trayve’lair caids, high school, Elemental magic, mythical creatures and a touch of romance. And Aria’s in the middle of it all, having the time of her life and trying to stay alive.

Fate and Fire
Twenty-seven chapters. Begun August 7, 2004, completed April 23, 2005
Another Guardian joins the first three at Cal’asan, only to go over to the Aelfen World as the mythics band together to defeat an old evil. And Sarah, dubbed swordlady by the Aelfen, has decided to come too – even though her brother said Guardians only. Not that anything will go the way anyone expected…

Fate's Songs
Four chapters. Last updated October 18, 2005
On indefinate hiatus
As the Guardians reunite at Cal'asan home, an unwelcome piece of news comes in. Putting aside prior engagements, they return to the Aelfen World one last time to try and figure out just how this new attack is working. But there are a few problems that can't be dealt with using magic, namely Kit's younger sister, her best friend and Sarah's fey nobles...


The People of Night and Stone
Stories posted so far... 1 out of a possible 3. Set in the same world as Piper.
Tam and the faerie: A whimsical faerie decides she wants a piper. Borrowing a little from Tam Lin.
Arella: A Cinderella story of sorts, except without evil stepsisters or stepmothers, pumpkin coaches or a prince. It does, however, have a very angry faerie. (Unposted)
The Faerie's Tailor: An overworked tailor finds a rather unusual way to meet his deadlines. Borrowing a bit from The Swan Princes and a touch from Cinderella. (Unposted)

More Than Words Can Say
A pair of romance shorts
1 -- Snake-love: Darren doesn't like snakes. At all. Here's why.
2 -- More Than Words Can Say: Love is confusing at best. Writing letters probably doesn't make it any easier.


Posted: October 29, 2004
Short, bloody story on why you shouldn't listen to little voices in your head. Fragmented paragraphs - some like it, some don't.

Shadow Dances
Posted: March 18, 2005
Set in Ayinchirr (from The Ravens, about 300 years before the story).When your world revolves around one person, re-adapting can be difficult.

Posted: April 12, 2005
Again set in Ayinchirr, after Shadow Dances but before The Ravens. Talin was a Hunter of the Blood as well as the Crown Prince of Ayinchirr, and he most certainly did not want to rule. So he left. But coming home for his brother's coronation would make a few changes in his plans...

A Northland Tale
Posted: May 22, 2005
The northlands of Eire are a wild place, but not without their charms. Sadly, Akan seems unable to see this...

Posted: June 29, 2005
Keeping promises is a very important thing. Not only to keep one's reputation intact, but because there can be very ugly consequences otherwise.
AN: This was published in the debut of an online magazine in September 2005

Reflections of an Anthropomorphic Personification
Posted: December 20, 2005
Partially inspired by Terry Pratchet's Death and partially by Death of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. Death -- an anthropomorphic personification, in case you didn't guess -- reflects on what its meant to be Death over the years while dealing with a peeved English professor. A bit odd.

The Seventh Guard
Posted: April 18, 2006
The earliest of the Ayinchirr stories, prior to the founding of Tal Eishan. A look at the war between the Ayinha and the Chirrum, the bonds that form between those who fight together and just how hard it can be to give up on someone's return.

Posted: December 16, 2006
The first Wild short story, set back when Tyhrne was great. Pech is leading his seven through the desert in search of the Winkomme, writing to his beloved and wishing very much that it would rain. But the Wilds are rarely so simple...

The Quote:

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Review replies for TCotW:

Casey Drake: I had fun with it, once I got started. Although the fact that I was in Chemistry might have had something to do with it. Everything becomes fun in Chemistry class.

Chereokee Scot: Oh, no worries about that, Elsed will be here for quite some time. I like him as a PoV character. Besides, I need someone to keep an eye on Leil, and the last time I wrote an insane character PoV, I couldn't think straight.

Celyn: Too obsessed with the krakadern--just like when you focus on one thing and never notice another till later. Oh, good, I was hoping he wasn't just being annoying.

lccorp2: Eh, I like this spelling better. I'm sure there won't be any pitchforks in my direction for it.

Phoenix: The guy is someone I've had planned for a while, although I was never sure just when he would show up. I quite like him, though. Ugh. A job? I think I would spontaneously combust if I had to take on a job on top of my workload. Or, to refer to my hide and go seek conversation:
Sister: How high are you counting to?
Me: Death.
Sister: And how long's that going to take?
Me: Either until May or 90 years from now.
Good luck with school, though. And, if you really want it, a job, although I'm not quite sure why anybody wants one... That might be because I'm pretty much the laziest thing ever, though.

Shadowhound: Heh. It would be nice if you couldn't find anything to complain about too, you know. Hm... That could be fun. And yes, platinum addictions beat greed any day.

Every Thought: grins It is, isn't it? Tamen is a rather melodramatic little bugger at first. He gets better by his next appearence, but really, after talking with the royal plural for most of his young life and spending hours listening to bards, would you expect him to be down to earth?

Oeseus: Oh, the hunters actually did have a reason for it... It's coming up in a few chapters. I'm glad I managed to surprise you with the transition, because the first time I wrote that chapter it seemed painfully obvious to me.

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