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Hmmm. Been forever since I thought about this thing...Oh well.

Hello, I'm Kardin. Simple enough, being my penname and all; I'm not telling you my real name. I'll be seventeen in April of 2007 and I've been considered an artist of all trades by friends and family since I was little. Yes, even with the six-legged sheep. My very first masterpiece, really, and my best I must say: it's still in the family scrapbook/album, in all its multi-legged glory.

--clears throat-- For those of you who aren't familiar with the sort of thing, that was sarcasm and should be taken as a joke. I'm a cynical person, somewhat pessimistic in my views of Homo sapiens and their bodily functions, cultures, religions, and whatnot. --rambles on about the idiocy of mankind--

Anyway, for those of you who are now wondering if I'm all self-righteous and stuff, I'm not. To solidify my statement, I shall propose a self-quote: "I don't even like myself. Why should I like you?" Don't steal it, it's mine. --growl--

I'm a Christian. I may not seem to sport all the 'Christian' views one would associate with said religion, but I'm sure deep down I have a feeling of spiritual love for all humans. But don't tell anyone I said that. More often than not, I have a philosophy that basically ties in with any religion: what goes around comes around, history repeats itself, Jesus is law, w(h)ine is a bad thing, peanut butter does go quite well with coffee, and do your homework before you get on the internet. The internet is bad. I can say so because I'm addicted. All addicts can say the source of their addiction is bad. They would know, wouldn't they? It's the same thing with gender issues: girls are idiots. I can say this because, tada, I am one. And guys are useless even though I couldn't live a day without my Mika-boo and my friend Angel because they keep me waiting for a better and newer morning.

As for my physical description, I don't take any sort of pride in it. I'm average weight but I'm short (thus, I'm stocky, at 135 pounds and 5'1"), I have long, straight brown hair, weird-looking hazel-green eyes, and I have got to be legally blind because I can't see the text on the computer screen less than two feet away without my glasses on or contacts in. It's absolutely pitiful. I'm gonna fail my driving test because I'm blind. My skin is pale and less than perfect, and I'm no athlete. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Actually, I could do without either but I'd rather be the former. Well...I'm a little of both. I'm Scotch-Irish and my family members are heathens in temperment. We'd all rather die before letting someone else win an argument, especially when we know we're right about what we're talking about.

Which somehow brings me to my writing. I've been writing since the second grade, which has been approximately nine years, give or take a few months, and I have a novel in progress, along with a variety of poems that I have just churned out in the last two years. I'm a junior in high school and in the second semester of the 2006-2007 school year I have been enrolled in creative writing to better my skills and to project my creativity. A list of the projects I've done for CW will be below.

I've discovered poetry is much easier than story-writing. Even short stories are a bit of a chore for me. However, all writing is fun to me, even if it's an essay because my teachers allow me to express my personality in my essays. It's cool. Anyway, due to my poetic discovery, most of my recents works have been poems. I have possibly thirty poems scattered about the house to one short story. A steep ratio. I want that to change someday, but not now. I am working on a book of poems called A Testament. I know I will most likely never have as many poems as Emily Dickinson, perhaps, or be anywhere near as reknowned as Robert Frost, but I think it would be a good project to do, like a portfolio of all my poems. When and if I get a hundred good poems, I might try to get the first edition published.

Due to my enrollment in CW, I'll probably have a lot of new stuff available once a week at least, if not more often. Feel free to leave some comments or PM me when the need arises. Before I go further, however, I think I should let it be known about my poetic style. I almost always write in free verse. What I write comes directly out of my mind and onto the paper, then edited for spelling and any needed punctuation, capitalization, and so on. Because my thoughts are seemingly random, my poems will be as such. I want others to read my poetry the way I think it. Isn't that the goal every writer has? Anyway, due to this astounding reality, I also tend to ignore capitalization and punctuation; capitalization moreso. Maybe punctuation is, but as far as I'm concerned, capital letters aren't present in the human brain during thought. Thoughts are processed and all letters, when and if processed into legible words, are the same, capitalized or not. Therefore, I have little or no capitalization in my poetry. The same goes for punctuation. In some of my poems I use it, but it is because certain punctuation helps to convey certain feelings, and, as I said, that is my goal and I plan to do whatever necessary to achieve such a goal.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, if you did. Here is that list I promised. I hope you enjoy reading my work when you have the chance!

Creative Writing Projects
+Snowfall - A short poem we were told to write to describe ourselves using whatever form of poetry we wanted. I chose free verse, sans-capitals and with little punctuation if any. It was our second project. The first was a sort of poetry in motion, which I can't post here. Feel free to leave some comments!
+Douglas - Our third project, a short story based on a painting titled "The Den." We had to write a story revolving around a duck sitting in a chair, or at least a duck that somewhere in the story is sitting in the chair. The theme is "letting go of the past" and the time is September 11th, 2001. This is my first somewhat-successful short story! Please leave some comments. I would love them so much!


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