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I regret to inform those who have been fans of my work or have just visited my things. I am going to delete my account within a few weeks because of school committment and the pursue to finish a novel for publishing. A company found me here, and since then, I have not had time to write anything. But to be honest, I feel my voice in this community is weak. Revisions have been made and new things have been created, but nothing has responded to the voice I have given them. If you wish to review anything or say anything before I leave, please do so. I will still continue to review things under the same name and still keep in contact with those I have known these past three years (come four november). Thanks to all who have stayed fatihful and I wish you the best. I still have works on fanfiction.net, the name is provided below. Farewell in a few days...

- Anime Freakizoid

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