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September 5th, 2013: Been quite a while since I've been on here. Hope to be more active

hi. i'm h-eri. i like to watch butterflies.

Works Posted:

Un Discorso Piccolo: short story
Status: complete
Summary: ENGLISH Donovan is completely smitten with Sil, but its very clear the young dragon does not return the feelings. Sil is insistent his heart lies with his Master alone, but perhaps Donovan can find a way to sway the one who he has fallen for. one shot

The Proposal: short story
Status: complete
Summary: ENGLISH Tzuku proposes to Joshua

Swansong: chapter story
Status: In Progress
Summary: An unfortunate event played out in parts. Cast: The Master, dragon, Fisheyes

Silver Frame

Yahoo: Kitsunia
AIM: JustYasha

Signing out: £§£ Kitsunia £§£

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