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Lara is an embittered feminist/democratic elitist grrrrrrl with socialist tendencies and all together a walking contradiction. 'nuff said.
Now, I'm going to ramble about myself and my tendencies selfishly for as long as i $%*@ well please.

Fave books: Good Omens! I don't reccomend it if you are a religious zealot, but otherwise it's great. Pavillion of Women! Chinese classic and it rocks. Tale of Genji! Don't read unless you like people who talk in really confusing haiku's. Cat's Cradle! Black satire. Enough said. Brave New World! Only Alduous Huxley would be smart enough to combine Shakespearian prophecy and new age tendencies.

Fave Movies: Godfather I, II, and III. I shoulda been born Italian. Donnie Darko. Brilliant, and that's all i'm gonna say. GO RENT- Harold and Maude. Crazy humor and it rocks.

Fave Music: TORI TORI TORI! I know, damn it, I'm a freaking walking cliche. if you care enough to wonder what i listen to, then feel free to email me... however, that would really creep me out. There is ONE great band out there. The Pillows all the way babeh!

Fave Anime: RUROUNI KENSHIN. hands down. The ova's are the best, and the anime is pretty good... but i can't stand the movie! eep, i'm sorry, but i can't!
Inuyasha is pretty good, in a kind of 'all my charaters are two-dimensionally flat' sort of way. it makes it hard to write a FF for it because the characters have NO substance.
Cowboy Bebop self-mantra: *I am Ed Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th, I am Ed Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky the 4th*
repeat to self 5 times daily or until one goes insane
Trigun. Ahhhhh, scars can be very, very sexy
Noir was okay, didn't attract my attention that much, tho'
You know what other character rocks? KURAMA! I love kitsunes, and if they have red hair, then they're just that much better. ^_~

My Life in a Paragraph: I pretend to be a writer of great works, a visual artist, and a musician (piano). However, i am really just a kid, and i will FOREVER remain a kid. When i'm not writing drabble I'm studying, which really blows... but then, i'm writing more than anything.
Funnily enough, i do NOT want to be a writer and have no desire whatsoever to become one. ^_^
hehe. fave good omens quotes:
There had been times, over the past millenium, when [Crowley the demon had] felt like sending a message back Below saying, Look, we may as well give up right now, we may as well shut down Dis and Pandemonium and everywhere and move up here, there's nothing we can do to them [humans] that they don't do themselves and they do things we've never even thought of, often involving electrodes.

Crowley: "I thought [Heaven] disapproved of guns."
Aziraphale: "Current thinking favors them. They lend weight to moral argument."

Hope you have enjoyed my comments which i am 90 % sure you did not read and i might as well be talking to a pickle... great fun.

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More to come soon! my muses are being paid for overtime, and darn it, they are GOING to give me more ideas!

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