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Shadow-Love PM
Joined Dec '03

Pen Name: Shadow-Love
Location: Australia
Age: 16

I am on hiatus from Dark Tunnel for a while until the writer's block moves on but I'll keep what I have started up, write A Dieing Wish and see what I can salvage.

~~My Stories/Poems~~

Dark Tunnel - Not many believe that one word can change your future. A work in progress. The title Dark Tunnel is just temporary until I find something better.

Doorway - I think I have a thing for titles with the letter D in it. A random poem I created that doesn't feel finished, any help is greatly welcome.

Something Sinister - Years ago a woman was accused of being a witch and as a result, an innocent family died. But did Samantha Marie Thurlow really die? Was she really a witch? A story that doesn't start with 'D' WHOO! Kinda simplistic in my view, probably going to be more of a shorter story...hopefully one I will complete.

A Dieing Wish - CURRENTLY BEING PLANNED 5 students are kidnapped and are forced to go through horrible situations with the sole purpose to survive. Depending on people, some you don't even know really well, tempers flare, emotions rise and people die.

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