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Gender: female

Age: 16

Nickname: Kel-chan/Ka-chan

I'm bi. Yea get over it XP

To all my readers: I am so sorry for deleting a bunch of my poems :bows: i can't explain or tell anybody why I have to do that...but i just have to. Hopefully from now on I'll have better things to write about. Please stick with me guys and thank you all so much for your support! I will start posting things very soon!

Hey peeps! ^-^ :waves: I've started posting some fics most of them yaoi! I will post my poems when the time is right so please R&R my stufz okie! Thanks!

La Li Ho! So sorry for not updating much! :bows: i feel like im letting a bunch of ppl down Y.Y But im in a real bad slump and none of my feelings are to extreme or deep to write about. I'm not inspired to make any fics either :sobs: so pleaz bear wit me and R&R cuz it motivates me when i can hear from my readers! Thank you so much JA!

Okie im kinda back ^-^;; gomen to everyone who still reads this. :bows: anyway im doing this drabble fic that is inspired by Ishie, the most important person in the whole world to me!~ She does roleplay and got me into it so i've also fallen in love with her characters XD haha anyway so i've started a lil ficcy with them and my own rp character i hope u enjoy it even tho its not well written and scattered about ^-^;; anyway see ya!~

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