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A little something about myself. Well, I am enguaged and have a karrot dimond of my finger. If you'd like to see what it looks like go to and look up the Past, Present, Future ring and you'll see. I frankly thin its beautiful. Anyways I am looking to go to college for English major and to teach high school students English.

My favorite colors will have to be Blue. (My car is blue. I have a Grand Prix GT) Um ... back to the colors and Yellow, also some shades of reds. ( rather Burgandys actually) For all that choose black as your favorite color, thats fine but you'll look rather ignorant since Black is not a color it is actually a shade on the Gray scale. MY faorite SHADE would be black and Stormy Gray.

My pets include... are you ready... A bird( a cockitiel to be exact. his name is zazue and I have raised him since he was four months old.) Two dogs. Queenie and Shadow. Five cats, Dusty, Molly (miss Molly) Patches, Furball, And Mr Snuggles. I have a gecko (lepord Gecko). Um, Two Bettas (fighting fish) Peace and Joy.(I saved them from Walmart.) Um... two clouds ( their cute) And Five gold fish (They're fat and funy and one has a mustash of black on his lips.) Um. Oh and a horse. "CHIP" He will be TWO on july 28th.(foor all of the horse people, he is liver chestnut breeding stock paint.

Um i got introduced to this sight from my very good friend felicia.

My favorite food? Well stawberries and Chocolate.

Ok well if you need to know more just email me. K. Thanks.

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