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She’s beauty and she’s grace,
Just don’t look at her face,
She’s Miss United States,
And she’s bald.

But we don’t really care,
That she ain’t got no hair

They fell out one-by-one
Into her sticky bun.
She ate it anyway,
Miss USA

Whee! A poem I think unfit to actually post. A friend and I wrote it together.

Hah. Yeah. You probably think I'm werd now, don'tcha!

Oh, by the way, I'm selling t-shirts! Join the Madmen now! Call 1-800-PIE-RULES.

Umm, Monkey of Insanity is my pet *snuggles* oh, yes he is! Good boy! Err, sorry. Read Pie, a story of insane people to find out more about him. My other pets are a dog named Cassie and a frog named Happy. I used to have one named Fat but he died.

I'm female. I'm insane. I like Mountain Dew. What am I supposed to say????? Ah, don't pay attention to the Healing Beauty story. I was feeling odd that day.

Oh yeah. My all time favorite authors.
1. Furball
2. Merry Fairie
3. Sallie Beaver
4. Aornishades

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