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Deceased Zeo PM
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Well, I'm a writer. I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. It's what I do, and many people seem to think me mad, because I do love to write. If you think of stealing one of my stories, or even the storyline that I have created, I will know. I sit on storylines for a long time before I even think of writing it out, and as such, I shall know if you take it. I want to be an author someday, and as such, you don't get to touchy my writings. (Yes, I meant touchy)Even quotes annoy me, but I'm generally a nice person (As long as you don't steal my work) so if you want to talk to me, on a messenger, or e mail me, it's fine. I actually rather enjoy talking to new people, even if I did seem a little harsh. I just have to protect my stories and poems...
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