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Quick note: Check out my Favorites page. I can fully guarantee that they are all fabulous reads, and there's something for everyone...

Hola a todos!

Patrick and Westerns--so I wrote this when I was fifteen...not my best, by any means, but I think that some would agree it's mildly entertaining. Added note:Guys seriously, don’t review this…I wrote it when I was in tenth grade in high school. I am now in grad scool cringing because this story is still online. If you feel the need to review, do so, but realize that any and all constructive criticism goes in one ear and out the other. I’m not fifteen anymore. Trust that my writing has improved and move on. Dissertations about how shallow and underdeveloped my characters are will prove futile because I no longer write. This was written for fun. Read it. Hate it or love it. It’s yours now, I claim no ownership.

When I Fall in Love--I don't want to give this up but I have no time during the school year. Perhaps it will be completed over the course of summer 2007. Added note: Obviously abandoned...do forgive. No one knows what the future holds.

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