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Hey, all.

So I created this account almost a decade ago and I am proud to say that my writing has improved significantly since. I love reading (mainly YA novels to de-stress from the mayhem that has been my academic career) and occasionally receive a bout of inspiration from which I manage to squeeze out a story. I mainly do one-shots, usually because I possess neither the skills nor the attention span to complete a full length novel.

Apart from reading, I love food (hence the penname I created when I was a preteen), video and board games, shopping and learning about everything. I am a hopeless romantic because Disney is the animated love of my life and I have permanent wrinkles around my mouth from laughing all the time.

I've posted my stories on here for cathartic purposes, but if you enjoy reading them as well, please let me know! Feedback is always welcome, whether good or bad. :)

Happy reading!

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