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Turtle Queen of Freeks
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Hey, yall! Please review! It makes me feel like I exist.

Gender: What do you think? In case you were wondering a queen is a girl!

Age: In my mind I'm old enough to be dead already. Of course, you're always old enough to be dead.

Sun Sign: My personality is Aquarius, but I was born a Pisces.

Hobbies: writing(duh!), asking crazy questions, rambling, swimming, coming up with strange words and phrases, and dancing like a psychotic person (especially in hallways!!!!!)

Likes: just about anything that includes a lot of sugar. Sugar inspires me. That's why my writing is so warped. convertible cars, mini-coopers (they so rock!!!), chaos, loud music, 80's music in general, and movies

Dislikes: the government, people who think that there is only one type of freak, stupidity, conspiracies, hypocrits, and neat freaks

Usernames that I use in random places: turtle_queenfreek, dolphingirl32202, hallwaydancerfreek(that's a new one!), tortugaloca101, and. . .dat's it. I thought there would be more than that. Drat.

1-15-05: I'm currently looking for interesting stuff to put on here so if you have any ideas, e-mail me. Or put it in a random review. Or something like that.

1-16-05: Hey. I posted Letting Go today. Glad I finally put up something about that. If you don't know what I mean, you should go read it. If you know what I mean, you've probably already read it, or you're about to read it.

2-21-05: I posted Hopefully Forgotten today. And for all the peoples that have actually read this thingy, here's a sneak peek at the future of said story. *looks around to see if anybody's listening* *whispers* Danae's name comes from Danae in Greek mythology. Danae (the Greek one) ended up locked in a tower, because her dear old dad heard a prophecy that his grandson would kill him. Sux to be her, don't it? So basically, Danae (the one in my story) is on the run from her dad who heard a prophecy that I haven't come up with yet.

8-27-05: I'm posting Ariel's story (which actually includes a bit of insight into Katherine as well). Both aforementioned characters are from MLD which you should already have read. *glares* I might be posting something with Amathe (new character. oo, aah) soon. *whispers* It may or may not be a comedy about pointy ears.

Random Questions: Have you ever considered becoming an organ donor? Why do you think humans are the species in charge if they're so gosh darned stupid? Do you think humans are stupid? Would you like me to prove that they are? Have you ever kissed a dog? Do you think that rats make good pets? Dog or cat? Dragon or unicorn? Dark or light? Angst or pseudo preppy? Have these questions made you think yet? Why or why not? What is your opinion on the educational system of today? Why do I have to do so much homework?!

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