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I'm just your typical 16 year old male. I live in VA and I'm a Junior in highschool. I'm not heavily into sports but I do skateboard whenever I have time, and I play lacrosse. The only instrument I can decently play is the guitar, although I do have a clarinet somewhere around here. I like lots of different bands so I'm not even going to try to liste them all. If it has a guitar , I'll listen to it; maybe even like it. Right now I'm into Coheed and Cambria because their lyrics are so cryptic and I like a puzzle. Sugarcult and Audiokarate are favorites also because I just like the singers voices. As for my singing well...horrible.

But anyways, I hate school, except for Creative Writing. I wrote alot of the things down here for the class. Right now I'm not that great so any comments, recommendations ,etc., would be greatly appreciated.


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