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Now 36 and longer single. Finished degree. Travelled! Less slash these days, more m/f. I'll no longer upload until the story is finished, so if you're reading and want the entire manuscript, please feel free to PM me.

Given that there is a verrrry large number of hits to this page, I am getting off my butt and updating it.

I am a 27 year old single mum, work full time and am inching my way towards a bachelors at a snail's pace. As such, updates can be haphazard, although I am now determined to be at least three quarters of the way through a story before beginning to post it to avoid any more 'discontinued' stories.

I live in Australia. As I had my child young and have never travelled (well, I've never been further away than New Zealand, which doesn't really count, because we all know New Zealand is not really a country), I have a massive curiosity about the world and the people in it, and pick random countries, cultures and religions on which to base my characters.

Stories in series are written in the following order:

1. These Days - this story is incomplete. It originally had around 30 chapters, but due to stupid drama I pulled it down. I have put the first 10/11 chapters back up, but the rest of it was unfortunately lost after a computer crash and the failure of several floppy disks. I am really, really sorry:(

2. My lover, Victor

3. Life in the Suburbs

4. Three plus one equals havoc

5. Brett & Michael

6. Will

7. Life, Continued

8. Better for Ezra

9. The two of us

10. From Brisbane to Istanbul

11. Iska

'Jumping Fences' occurs at some point between 1. and 2. 'In places least expected' and 'From Italy with love' occur at some point in between 8 and 10.

Markus Romanov & Alex and Matthew are not part of the series

Standards of Decency and 59 Miller Street are both discontinued works. A Brave New World is a half-completed (my lazy arse hasn't touched it) story written with Esquirella.

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