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1Mrs Liar or Another Fake Life for the World This is For Liars. Hypocrites. hypochondriacs. And Hypercritical people.
Poetry: Song, K, English, Drama & Drama, words: 153, favs: 1, 5/3/2006
6Shoeless feet Just basically telling someone to speek up and stop covering it up.. and looking like the good guy.. BEcause I know.. good and well that he/she isnt... know what I mean?
Poetry: General, K, English, Drama, words: 135, 1/20/2006
4It's just another way to say torture Broken trust is hard to repair
Poetry: General, K, English, Drama, words: 73, favs: 1, 1/20/2006
4I point the gun, you fire this poem could relate to alot of people.. Doesnt it just bother you when you are trying to get a point across to someone.. and they turn the story around and bring up something you did in the past... Yeah.. I dont like that... So this was inspired by suc
Poetry: Life, K, English, Drama, words: 147, favs: 2, 1/20/2006
2Heart Like Porcelain My hearts turning black.. by the thought of one death.. they say curiousity killed the cat.. well... I am dead inside... ..
Poetry: Life, K, English, Drama & Angst, words: 172, 1/20/2006
2An Ozone Hole in the Artic It is referring to my love... for my love..
Poetry: Love, K, English, Romance & Poetry, words: 79, 1/20/2006
3An anthem for today, a song for tomorrow Basically this about the day to day... How you expect things to go as planned.. how people promise you things.. and how you shouldnt get so excited about anything(at least I shouldnt) because people are so undependable.. and break your hope to pieces
Poetry: Life, K, English, words: 180, favs: 1, 1/20/2006
1All I Need Well.. it starts off taking a walk outside with my love.. and then I get to thinking about the fact that all I need is him.. even if I dont have anything else in the world All I Need is him by my side.
Poetry: Love, K, English, Romance & Poetry, words: 143, favs: 1, 1/20/2006
3fading memory I just need to leave.
Poetry: General, K+, English, Drama, words: 102, favs: 1, 4/25/2005
1Society holds your mind Dont let society guide what you do, do what you think is right, YOU are not what they say you are Until you agree with them.. (song i wrote)
Poetry: General, M, English, Poetry, words: 255, 4/13/2005
1Pretty little you I see what you look like on the outside. but just how lovely could you be in there. :Points to chest:
Poetry: General, M, English, Horror, words: 58, 4/13/2005
Assumed to be, dont classify me This a song I wrote. i dont really know whether to classify it as that.. but oh well. its pretty short. so please R&R
Poetry: General, T, English, Poetry, words: 219, 4/13/2005
4Inconsiderate me I Was thinking of you .. I promise
Poetry: General, K, English, Poetry, words: 64, 11/7/2004
1The pure, The doomed Come to me, angel of perfection.
Poetry: General, K, English, Angst, words: 105, 9/15/2004
1Lost to dark Dreaming of horrible scenes. Lost in the dark. Drowning in sorrow and blood.
Poetry: General, K, English, Horror & Angst, words: 50, 9/13/2004
3Your Life Show me your life so I can forget about mine.
Poetry: General, K, English, Angst, words: 104, 6/26/2004
3pyromaniac Ask why I play with fire and I shall tell.
Poetry: General, K, English, words: 88, 6/26/2004
1Left alone Once again he goes to the sky... But I cannot catch him... because I cannot fly...
Poetry: General, K, English, Drama & Angst, words: 154, 3/23/2004
1Life Could Be Maybe My dream... colder than this very air that I breathe... Life outside this... I'm under water...
Poetry: Life, K, English, Drama & Poetry, words: 81, 3/23/2004
3My Prayer Did you ever feel like there is no one in the whole world that could help you and take away the pain... I know that this prayer or poem could relate to alot of people... and if you ever felt like I did that night... I feel for you... I'm sorry... R&R
Poetry: Religion, K, English, Poetry & Angst, words: 236, 2/1/2004
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