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Nice Reviews
They never hurt. However, I'd really appreciate it if my readers would say something other than "this is really good please continue" Now, this occasionally can be nice. But more often that not, I get the "rly good, plz continue" comments. Listen up: writing leaves no room for IM language. I personally cannot stand AIM, which is why I've stopped using it. It makes communication deteriorate...I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say "lol" or "jk" out loud in regular conversations. So just do me a favor and if you have something nice to say, say it, but I'd rather not get the bombardment of "rly good :)" comments. Have something nice to say, find an area you particularly like and then tell me. I can actually work off that.

Constructive Reviews
LOVE them. NEED them. I am a developing writer. I really need someone like my sister to say "This half needs another scene" or "This part is unrealistic" or, the most common one I hear from her, "I'm sick of this subject...find a new one." Seriously, I write constructive reviews when they're really needed. Some stories just can't be saved, some are excellent with flaws. I focus on the fantastic ones with flaws, not the ones that just are beyond my worst nightmares.

I really think these are unnecessary. There is NOT a fine line between blunt, constructive reviews and flames. There is a VERY thick, VERY distinct line. Refresher: flames are when you say things like "I cannot believe this crap is being posted" or "I hate this, it's SO awful" without giving reasons WHY you think it's "so awful." Given, those are really rude. I don't like those either...but to me, that doesn't make them flames. Flames are, in my opinion, when you criticize someone's work without backup. Just don't do it, especially to me because I WILL BE VERY ANGRY. I can't threaten my readers...because I don't know half of you! Please, just spare yourself the time and spare me the pain. You think my writing is bad--well, that's fine with me. Now tell me how to improve.


Small Sensations - poem - 2007
I say I do not know - poem - 2007
simple silent something - poem - 2007
Stranger - song - 2005
Forever - song - 2007
Artist - play - 2007
Power Outage - short story - 2006
Paco - short story - 2007

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