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I'm Kindre, go figure. I have about a zillion other nicknames, but that's the one that matters here. I'm a twenty-year-old female and an art student at the University of New Mexico; I'm also a waitress at Sushi-Hama. I love to write and draw and read and look at art. I also love bread, but that's irrelevant.

Please review! I welcome compliments and constructive criticism freely, whether you liked it or not. I want to know what you honestly think, not what you think I want to hear. The only comments I don't want are flames. They burn everything I've made to the ground, and then I have to start over again. It's extremely frustrating. And review everything you read, regardless of who wrote it or what you thought of it. If the writer can't take a little criticism, then you can simply feel superior because you're a better person and took the time to try and help the ungrateful puke.

I consider everything here a work in progress; I just list some of them as complete so you know I don't intent to write subsequent chapters or add a great deal to the story. So I would love to hear from you on anything and everything you think I can do to make my writing better.

I guess my recommended reading would be: "Black Snow," "Human," "Bone-White," "Video Games and Violence: Mario Made Me Do It," "Frankenstein Prison Experiment," and "iSermon." The first three are poems, the next two are essays, and the last is a satire. So I guess go for whichever genre you'd like best. Or if you're into Mature-rated horror, I have Shadows Fester in the Cracks of A Soul.

You can also visit my Fanfiction.net account if you so desire. And, uh, read "Glass," please?

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