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Sasha L. Miller
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Anything that's unfinished is, unfortunately, likely to stay unfinished. If I do continue with anything unfinished, what exists will be scrapped and it'll be restarted from scratch (and also likely published officially). I don't tend to take things down, so you're good on anything that's complete, and I'll give updates on anything that's going to be revamped.

You can check out my published works at Less Than Three Press. Anything that I post here will also be available in ebook formats from LT3, if you're inclined to have downloads for your computer / ereaders.

If you'd like to learn when I have new published (for $$$) works out, you can follow my website.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

ETA (02/04/15): OK, so I've now had my works here stolen and listed on Amazon for other people to profit from a number of times, which is so beyond not cool. In light of this, I'm taking my work down from fictionpress. That said, if there's anything you want a personal copy of, feel free to email me. I may not be super stoked about some of these stories (I like to think I've improved!), but I also have my old old favorites that aren't perfect but that I love to reread, so I don't want to squelch anyone's ability to reread stuff they love. I am waiting a few days to pull stuff, so that Amazon can cross-check that I do have the copyright for the stolen story in question, but once that's pulled, I'll be taking things down. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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