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My name is Stacy. I've been writing stories ever since I was about 12 or 13 years old, after discovering the freedom of writing a short story for a class assignment. Now, it seems as though writing will always be with me, until the day that I die. After having children and spending all of my time raising them and pursuing other creative endeavors, I kind of lost sight of my first passion, until recently, when a friend came upon a story I had written almost ten years ago. Now, it brings me much pleasure to say confidently that we have become reacquainted!

The stories published here are first drafts of books that I plan to publish into ebooks. I am posting them here so I can have an outlet to not only receive constructive criticism, but also to keep myself motivated to keep writing. There are times when I will forget completely about a story and move onto something else, so this is a great way to keep focused on a few at a time.

Please check out my Facebook page, to get more updates on my progress, as well as sneak a peek into other aspects of my creative self!


Please, above all else, enjoy what's here.

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