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Chris DelMecha
Joined Feb '04

I'm a freshman in high school (public), and of course I want to be a writer some day. My Pen Name is actually my real name scrambled, and although Chris is unisex, I'm afraid people will generally assume I'm male...I'm not.

I've been using this website for two years, since I was a lugubrious, facetious thirteen-year-old and wanted to post my angsty little poems.I like to believe I've grown up alot since then, afteranorexia (I lost andgained back 20 lbs), coming out as bisexual, getting suspended for the first time,coveting and mass consuming vodka/rum, and finally moving in with my dad and ending each vice to start anew. I'm sure there is more to come, but for now I'm glad to be someone different than Iused to be; not because I've done things I regret, but because I've matured in ways both minute and grand.

For several months I've forgotten about my account here, but now that I've been plotting to write a novel, I see it for it's usefulness.

I'm also in love with Spanish.

Me encanta.

.:Lo Termina:.

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