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Amethyst Fire Knight PM
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Hi, I'm Amethyst Fire Knight!

You'll probably see me more often on fanfiction.net, as FlamingKnight. I am her, she is me. We are one. Go read my stuff there!

I am a random American. There is a description of me on my very sucky, very old homepage. I don't think I'll ever update it.

Also, please check out Consider This!
Consider This is a brand new site devoted to writing and improving writing! We'd love to read, respond, review, edit and help any writer's with their work, and have a great time doing so!
Link: http:///banormaldeviation

Just as a pre-warning, my reviews are often critical. Don't take it personally, I only give constructive criticism, it is not to be mean.

Hi Jesse

Bye, Ciao, Au revior, adios, Sayonara, aufweiterzein...

~*Amethyst Fire Knight*~

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